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Introduction to Microsoft Teams Ticketing System

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This page provides an overview of all the basic and advanced features you need to familiarize yourself with regarding the Microsoft Teams Ticketing System. All the videos and posts in the Getting Started section are a must-see.

If you're still wondering what a Ticketing App is and how it can help streamline your support process, check out how Ticketing can assist an HR department in organizing their requests by Reading this post

if you have any questions or inquiries about the Ticketing App, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

Explore the various sections of this blog post:

Microsoft Teams Teamswork ticketing service desk checklist to-do
Getting Started

Install Ticketing App - Navigate to the Getting Started page

Learn how to install the Ticketing App directly from the TeamsWork website.

Facing permisison issue to install Ticketing App? Read this blog post: How to Get Permission to Install TeamsWork App.

Add Teams Members and Tags - Watch the video

Only members of a channel where ticketing App was installed can access a Ticketing App instance. Add members and invitate your colleagues to collaborate using Ticketing App. In this video, learn also how to personalize your ticket using tags.

Configure Your Assignee List - Read the post

Learn how to create your assignee list using either your Teams Owners list or a custom list.

Create Your First Ticket - Read the post

Discover how simple it is to create a ticket and collaborate with your support team.

Who Can See What in Ticketing - Read the post

Learn crucial information about how we keep key information private and discover how ticket visibility works between Ticketing Owners, Assignee, and Requestor.

How Notifications Work - Read the post

Ticketing App has been designed since inception to leverage on Microsoft Teams ecosystem. One key feature is the ability to instantly notify users in Teams when there is a change in a ticket. Discover more about how notifications work, who receives notifications, and what triggers them.

Deploy Additional Ticketing Instances - Read the post

You can create as many Ticketing instances as you need, at no additional cost! Learn how to easily add a new ticketing instance in Microsoft Teams

Create, Edit and Manage Tickets Efficiently

Create and Track Tickets Across Multiple Instances (Personal tab) - Read the post

Create a Ticket on Behalf of Another User - Read the post

Rich text formatting - Read the post

Craft a comprehensive description with the help of the rich text formatting feature.

Custom fields - Read the post

Configure the ticket form to suit your requirements by hiding standard fields, adding your own custom fields, and reorganizing the layout.

Write a private comment - Read the post

Private comments are designed to facilitate discreet interactions within the support team, without being visible to requestors.

Configure display of columns in Tickets list - Read the post

Customize the ticket list to suit your preferences.

Manage Attachments in Ticketing App

Different ways to upload files and add screenshots - Read the post

Discover various methods to upload files and add screenshots to a ticket for improved efficiency.

Attaching Photos and Videos with your Device's Camera - Read the post

Attaching photos directly from your device's camera to a ticket.

Previewing attachments - Read the post

You have the capability to preview many different files format without the need to download them.

Archive obsolet attachment - Read the post

Sometimes, attachments on a ticket can become obsolete. The Ticketing App offers the feature to archive them.

Add an hyperlink to a ticket - Read the post

You can not only upload documents and add screenshots to a ticket but also include any URL in a ticket. This can also be used to link two tickets together.

Microsoft Teams Teamswork ticketing service desk checklist to-do
Other Settings & Features

Discover all the settings that will enable you to personalize the Ticketing App to best suit your needs.

Email to Ticket - Read the post

Discover how you can provide support to users external to your organization using the email-to-ticket feature.

Automatic Ticket Routing - Read the post

Discover how to maximize efficiency and effortlessly prioritize tasks by automatically assigning tickets using rules.

Alert & Notification

We've incorporated a suite of alert and notification features to help you stay on top of your deadlines:

Notify a group of users when a ticket is created without an assignee.

Configure alert notifications for tickets with defined expected dates.

Discover a comprehensive SLA configuration and define your team's commitment to First Response Time SLA and ticket resolution SLA.

Configure notifications and reassignment for tickets that have been idle for too long.

User Permission - Read the post

Configure what user can see and edit on a ticket.

Whether you want to automate ticket creation, extract ticket data for reporting purposes, or integrate ticketing features into your existing tools, Ticketing API empowers you to achieve your goals.

Explore more Features & useful Tricks

Open a New Ticket Creation Form With Just 1 Click - Read the post

You can easily share a link to the new ticket creation form with your users. For example, you can add this link to your Teams channel, SharePoint, Intranet, and more, saving your users a few clicks:

Pop out a Ticketing tabulation so it is Always Available - Read the post

While this isn't directly related to the Ticketing App, it's a helpful tip to reduce the need for frequent navigation between different areas of the Teams App, such as files, chats, teams, and channels.

Renaming Instances - Read the post

Lean how to rename the ticketing instance name that appear on the perssonal tabulation and in the subscription page.

Integrating the Ticketing App with Third-Party Applications

Whether you want to automate ticket creation, extract ticket data for reporting purposes, or integrate ticketing features into your existing tools, Ticketing API empowers you to achieve your goals.

Leveraging Microsoft Power BI Report for Advanced Reporting and Analytics - Read the post

Initiate a Request from a Microsoft Form and Automatically Generate a Ticket - Read the post

Discover how to integrate Microsoft Form with the Ticketing App using Power Automate.

Link Microsoft Azure DevOps (ADO) Card to a Ticket - Read the post

If you use Microsoft Azure DevOps (ADO) in your company, you can link your ticket to a Microsoft ADO card easily.

Ticketing Notifications in Teams Channel - Read the post

Keep all team channel members informed about ticket progress.

Deployment Strategies

A Ticketing App Deployment Strategy - Read the post

If you're interested in testing the Ticketing App or looking for advice on rolling it out within your organization, read this post.

Train Your Employees to use Ticketing As A Service effectively - Read the post

Explore some tips for training your employees to use Microsoft Teams Ticketing As A Service effectively.

Configure Ticketing App as a Bug Tracking / Release management tool - Read the post

Read how you can configure the Ticketing App to serve as your Bug Tracking and/or Release Management tool:

Configure Ticketing App as an HR Ticketing System - Read the post

Discover how you can effectively manage all requests submitted to your HR department using the Ticketing App.

Configure Ticketing App to Streamline Customer Service - Read the post

Configure Ticketing App to Support ITIL Service Operation Processes - Read the post

Configure Ticketing App to Support Scrum Agile projects - Read the post

Invite Guest accounts to Your Ticketing Instance - Read the post

Explore an alternative method of supporting external customers by inviting guest accounts to your ticketing instance.

Manage your Subscription

How to Subscribe to Ticketing App - Navigate to the subscription page

Explore all the available plans, pricing, associated features, and ticket quotas.

Can I Delete a Ticket? Can I Delete a Ticketing Instance - Read the post

How to Uninstall Ticketing App from your Microsoft Teams - Read the post

Microsoft Teams Teamswork ticketing service desk checklist to-do

We are sorry if you are facing issues. Here are some common issues and resolution guidance.

The "Authentication in progress" message is stuck and nothing is happening - Read the Post

Error Message when adding an App Subscription on a New Azure Instance - Read the post

Capture the Browser Log Information about Ticketing / Checklist App - Read the post

In case you encounter an issue when using our apps, you can send us additional log information to help our developers fix the issue:

If you still have a question / enquiry about Ticketing App, do not hesitate to contact us here.

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