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Assignee List, Automation and Notification in Ticketing App by TeamsWork

Updated: Jan 6

Hi All,

Today we will discover features related to assignee list in Ticketing App by TeamsWork.

In Ticketing App, you can choose whether your assignee list is based on Teams Owner list or a custom list. You can also automatically assign ticket based on rules. Finally, you can notify a list of users when a ticket is created without any Assignee.

To know more, you can either read the highlights below or watch these videos for more detail explanation.

1) Define who is in your Assignee list

Go to the Setting area, then go to Assignee tab

  • Default setting is that your Assignee list is based on Teams Owner of the Microsoft Teams

  • If you choose your assignee list to be a custom list, then you can select which Teams Members will part of the Assignee List.

Select your assignee

Now that we have successfully changed the assignee list, we can select an assignee on the ticket form

2) Automatically assign ticket based on rules

You can easily assign ticket based on rules, such as: if priortiy is "Urgent" then assign ticket to John.

You can use any item list, including tags and custom fields as condition for a rule.

Go to the Settings area and navigate to the Assignee tab. In this section, you can configure automatic ticket assignments based on predefined rules.

  • All urgent tickets will be assigned to Allan.

  • The "Otherwise" rule always takes effect last, allowing you to assign tickets to a default user if none of the previous rules apply to the ticket. In our case, we want all non-urgent tickets to be assigned to Diego.

Once this configuration is complete, all future tickets will follow the rules and be assigned accordingly.

Be aware that the "Assignee" field will not be visible to "regular" users in the ticket creation form. Only members of the assignees list and team owners will have the ability to edit the field in the ticket creation form.

3) Notify user(s) if a ticket is created without assignee

You can enable this setting if you wish to notify user(s) when a ticket is created without any assignee.

Navigate to the Assignee panel in the setting area:

Browse the page until you reach this section

Hope you enjoy this post

Have a great day!



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