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Introduction to Microsoft Teams Checklist by TeamsWork

Updated: May 19

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This page will describe all basic and advanced features you need to know about Checklist App. All videos in the Getting Started section are a must see / watch.

If you still have a question / enquiry about Ticketing App, do not hesitate to contact us here.

Why your organization needs a checklist app?

Checklist app helps a Tax and Accounting team organizing tasks:

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Microsoft Teams Teamswork ticketing checklist to-do
Getting Started

1. Install Checklist App from TeamsWork website

Learn how to install Checklist App directly from TeamsWork website:

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2. Register Checklist App in your Microsoft Tenant (Need Administrator right)

Adding an App in a Microsoft Teams tenant is not a straightforward process. For Checklist App to be installed and run smoothly, It requires a Teams Administrator to do it and to give his Admin consent. Fortunately, it only need to be done once.

We have prepared a step-by-step video to guide you:

Watch the video

3. Add members to contribute to Checklist tasks

Let’s add some members! Add all users that will contribute on checklist tasks as assignee or reviewer.

Watch the video

4. Create and Submit your first Checklist

Using a new App for the first time can be confusing. For that, we have prepared for you a video on how to create a new checklist using a Template and submit this Checklist:

Watch the video

5. Getting started for assignees and reviewers

Learn how Assignees and Reviewers can get started with Checklist App:

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6. How real-time notifications work to speed-up task resolution

Checklist App has been designed since inception to leverage on Microsoft Teams ecosystem. One of the key feature is the capability to instantly notify users in Teams on a change in a Checklist. Watch how real-time notification can speed up task resolution:

Watch the video

7. See only tasks that are relevant to you

We are concerned about your confidentiality. While Requestor and Teams Owners can see all tasks, Assignees and Reviewers will only see tasks they have been assigned. It is also a way to let them focus on what is important.

Watch the video

8. Unlimited Checklist instances

You can create as many Checklist instances as you need (Accounting Checklist, HR Checklist etc.), without any additional cost. Watch how to simply add new Checklist instance in Microsoft Teams:

Watch the video


How to subscribe to checklist app

Read how to subscribe to Ticketing App with different options:

Navigate to subscription section

Microsoft Teams Teamswork ticketing checklist to-do
Other Settings & Features

There are additional features & settings that will allow you to personalize Checklist App to best fit you need

1. Add Calendar(s) to calculate due date to always be a working day

We use calendar when calculating task due. You can modify it or add your own calendar(s).

Watch how to define workday and non working days in a new calendar:

Watch the video

2. Add Template(s) to save your time when having recurring Checklist

Templates will save a lot of time as you define them once and can reuse them indefinitely. Checklist comes with templates (HR Onboarding, accounting end of month closing, etc.):

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3. Add a Scheduler

Schedule are here to automat Creating checklist every time could be tiresome. But thanks to scheduler you can set a time to create checklist automatically:

Watch the video

4. Stay of top of your due date with alert notification and task status

System will proactively send alert notifications to relevant parties when a task is soon due (due in 2 days), due Today, or overdue. In addition, you can easily see task status and filter tasks:

Watch the video

5. Sort your tasks

When creating a checklist with a lot of tasks, sometimes the tasks are not sorted the way you want. That's how task sorting works, since you can sort your tasks based on index, task name, due date and your custom sorting:

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6. Custom fields

You can configure your task form by hiding standard fields, adding your own custom fields and reorganizing the task form layout:

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Explore more Features & useful Tricks

1. Calculation of due date

Learn how the task due is calculated from relative due date after submitting the Checklist:

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2. Different ways to upload files and add screenshots

Learn all the different ways to upload files and add screenshot on a checklist to work more efficiently:

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3. Pop out a Checklist tab

This is not directly related to Checklist App, but it is a nice trick so that you stop navigating back and forth between Teams App, from files, to chat, to Team / channel:

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4. Configure Checklist for Accounting End of Month Closing Process

Here is an example on how you can configure Checklist app for accounting end of month closing process:

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5. Configure Checklist as Employee Onboarding App for HR Team in Checklist App by TeamsWork

Here is an example on how you can configure Checklist app as Employee Onboarding App for HR Team:

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6. How to uninstall Checklist app from Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams Teamswork ticketing checklist to-do

We are sorry if you are facing issues. Here are some common issues and resolution guidance.

1. Error messages when adding an App subscription on a new Azure instance

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2. The "Authentication in progress" message is stuck and nothing is happening:

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