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Custom Fields Feature in Microsoft Ticketing App by TeamsWork

Updated: Feb 24

Hi All,

Today I want to show a useful feature if you want to adjust the Ticket form to fit your needs

In ticketing app you can custom your ticket fields by hiding standard fields, adding your own custom fields and reorganizing the Ticket form layout. To know more, you can either read the highlights below or watch this video for more detail explanation.

How to configure custom fields in Ticketing

Click on the setting button then click on custom fields.

Hiding standard fields

Disable Department and Category since we don't use these fields

Add custom field

If the information captured by the Standard fields are not enough, you can add your own custom fields.

Let us create a "Followers" field. Followers are users who would like to follow what is happening on a ticket, but are neither assignee nor the request

  • For followers field, we will use people picker

  • Mandatory field is optional, so we don’t check "is Mandatory"

  • We check "Can receive notification" and "Can see ticket"

  • We check "Can select multiple option" as we want to be able to select more than 1 follower

  • In the "Choose from", we select Members, so a follower can be anyone from the member list.

  • We leave "Default value" empty since we don’t want to have a default follower when creating a ticket

Reorganizing the ticket form layout

Your are free to select where this "Followers" custom field will be displayed by dragging the "Follower fields"

Custom fields on the ticket form

Now, let's see the ticketing form with our new custom fields

  • We don't see anymore the department and category fields

  • We can now add "Followers" to every ticket

Hope you enjoy this post about custom fields feature in Ticketing App

Have a nice day!


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