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Opening the New Ticket Creation Form in 1 Click in Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Hi All,

Because it can requires few clicks to reach the New Ticket Creation form, here is a trick to open this form in 1 click.

Get the New Ticket Creation URL

To get this link, click on the New ticket, which will open the New ticket form.

On this form, copy the link that is on top of the form.

Create a shortcut in a Teams post

Now, I insert my link in a Team post

Here is my post with my link, and when I click on it, it directly open the new ticket creation form

Creating this shortcut in a Teams post is for illustration only, you can create your shortcut anywhere, on a support web page, in SharePoint, etc.

Hope you enjoy ticket How-To.


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