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Monitoring Team Performance with Service Level Agreement (SLA) in Ticketing by TeamsWork

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Hi All,

Today I will show you how Ticketing will support your team to achieve their SLA. To know more, you can either watch this video for read below article more detail explanation.

What is SLA?

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a service commitment from a support team to provide a first response (First Response Time SLA) and to resolve tickets (Resolution SLA).

First response time SLA

It refers to how quickly you will respond to an issue being raised. First response time SLA is calculated from the time the ticket is created until the assignee first responded to it. A response can be:

  • a comment on a ticket done by a user, except the requestor, or

  • a change of status in the workflow (Start, Resolve, Close)

In case of the email to ticket scenario, FRT will stopped measuring time, only when a comment is sent by email.

Resolution SLA

It refers to how long it takes to resolve an issue. Resolution SLA is calculated from the time the ticket is created until the ticket is resolved. If a ticket is reopened and resolved for the 2nd time, then resolution SLA is calculated based on the last time ticket was resolved.

How do we measure time?

When measuring SLA, we only account for working hours and ignore non working hours and non working days. Working hours and days is defined in the SLA schedule.

Assuming above SLA schedule (from 9AM to 5PM during weekdays) and a FRT of 2h, ie you have up to 2 working hours to first respond to a ticket.

So if a ticket is created at 4PM, then you have until folllowing day 10AM to first respond to the ticket.

So that you dont have to count time from an SLA perspective, we do the math for you! So the time displayed is the exact number of hours / days that you have to respond / resolve this ticket. Coming back to hour previous example, when ticket is created at 4PM and you have until 10AM to first respond it, it other word, you have18 hours!

How to configure SLA

Go to the Setting area, then go to SLA in alert and notification tab.

  • We want our SLA schedule to be from 9am to 5pm during weekdays

  • We set First Response Time SLA to 2 hours for critical ticket.

  • In case of breach in the FRT SLA, we immediately escalate ticket to Christie

  • We set Resolution Time SLA to 4 hours for critical ticket.

  • In case of breach in the RT SLA, we immdiately escalate ticket to Allan

Displaying SLA Information

Once SLA is configured and a ticket matching criteria is created, SLA information are availble on:

The Ticket Form

The Tickets List

The Dashboard

SLA Notifications

Notifications are sent at different moment of the SLA lifetime.

Hope you enjoy this post about Service Level Agreement.

Have a nice day!


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