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SLA Notification and Escalation in Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork

Updated: Feb 24

Hi All,

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a service commitment from support team to first response (First Response Time SLA) and resolve a ticket (resolution SLA).

Today I will show you how Ticketing will help support team to achieve their SLA.

In Ticketing App, you can configure your team commitment to SLA as well as the team SLA schedule. To know more, you can either read the highlights below or watch this video for more detail explanation.

What is SLA?

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a service commitment from a support team to provide a first response (First Response Time SLA) and to resolve tickets (Resolution SLA).

  • First response time SLA usually refers to how quickly you will respond to an issue being raised. First response time SLA is calculated from the time the ticket is created until the assignee first responded to it. A response can be: a comment on a ticket OR a change of status in the workflow (Start, Resolve, Close)

  • Resolution SLA usually refers to how long it takes from the time an issue is raised until it is fully resolved. Resolution SLA is calculated from the time the ticket is created until the ticket is fully resolved. If a ticket is reopened and resolved for the 2nd time, then resolution SLA is calculated based on the last time ticket was resolved

How to configure SLA in Ticketing

Go to the Setting area, then go to SLA in alert and notification tab

  • We want our SLA schedule to be on week day from 8 am to 18 pm

  • We will set SLA rules for urgent ticket only and we want support team to provide 1st time response within 2 hours for all our urgent requests and escalate ticket to Christie, the IT Supervisor, if a ticket breaches a first time response SLA

  • We want support team to resolve urgent ticket to be 4 hours and escalate ticket to Allan, the IT Manager, if a ticket breached a resolution time SLA

SLA KPI in Ticket form

When we have created a ticket, there are First Response Time and Resolution SLA metrics on the ticket form

SLA KPI in Ticket list

SLA metrics also appears on the ticket list

SLA KPI in Dashboard

You can also see SLA metrics in the dashboard area

SLA escalation

No action was done by Diego on this ticket for 2 hours, resulting in a breach of the First Time Resolution SLA. As a result, ticket is escalated automatically to Christie, the IT Supervisor

Notification on SLA escalation

Christie receives a notification of the escalation of First Response SLA

Hope you enjoy this post about SLA notification and escalation

Have a nice day!

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