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Deployment Strategy for Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Hi All,

Few customers raised these questions to me:

a) How do I test Ticketing App?

b) How do I rollout into production?

Since it would be valuable for many, I wrote this how to.

How do I test Ticketing App?

There are couple of ways for you to test ticketing App.

Simplest option would be to create a Test Teams, add a ticketing instance, then configure your ticketing instance (add departments, categories, Tags, Teams Owners and Teams members) and you are ready to go for testing.

Once you have finish testing it, you can remove the Teams.

How do I rollout into production?

“Rolling out” to production would only be a matter of adding a Ticketing instance in channel use by your teams.

Herebelow is an example of deployment:

We deploy a ticketing instance for the HR team so they can manage all employees requests

Legal as also is own ticketing instance to manage all requests to draft contracts

IT has 2 instances. One being "public" so any employees can raise a request to IT Support team.

2nd ticketing instance is in a private channel and only IT team can access it. this could be used to manage a software development project.

We also create another ticketing instance (project Arthemis), in a Teams that has guest users.

As you can see, there are numerous ways on how to deploy Ticketing app.

Use our contact form if you need assistance or have question about our App.

Have a great day!

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