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Introduction to Recurring Checklist in Checklist App by TeamsWork

Hi All,

Whether it's monthly reports, or quarterly audits, these repetitive activities can be time-consuming to set up and manage manually. Introducing Recurring Checklist feature to help you automate your repetitive tasks effortlessly.

Benefits of Using Recurring Checklist Feature

  1. Time-Saving Efficiency: Focus on the task at hand while our app takes care of generating the checklists for you.

  2. Consistency: Recurring checklists ensure that tasks are performed consistently, and nothing is overlooked in the process.

  3. Accountability: The automated nature of recurring checklists helps track task completion and holds individuals accountable for their responsibilities.

To know more, watch this video or read below blog post.

Easily Configure a Recurring Checklist

Assume your accounting team target is to close their financial book every 25 of the month. It will be great for them that every month they know exactly their respective task due date to achieve this corporate objective. With a recurring checklist configuration, you can easily achieve that.

Create new checklist and select a repeat option.

  • You can choose from predefined options such as daily, weekly, monthly, or set custom dates to match your specific requirements.

  • You must select until what date the recurring checklist is configured for.

Checklist TeamsWork - Repeat Button

You must also select how many days you want the checklist to be created before the event date. In our case, since we want a checklist to always be created on 15th of the month, i.e., 10 days before the event date, we select 10 here.

Checklist TeamsWork - Create checklist tasks X days before event date

Enabling Your Recurrence Checklist

When you are happy with your recurring checklist configuration, you can enable it.

Checklist TeamsWork - Enabling Your Recurring Checklist

Once enabled, Checklist App will automatically create a single event checklist on 15th every month.

Checklist TeamsWork - Outcome of Your Recurring Checklist

Finding Your Recurrence Checklist Configuration

Select "Recurring Checklist" and find all your recurring checklist configuration.

Checklist TeamsWork - Viewing Your Recurring Checklist

Hope you enjoy this post.

Try Recurring Checklist feature today and experience the time-saving benefits of it. Have a great day!



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