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Efficient Task Management with Personal Tab in Checklist for Microsoft Teams

Updated: Jan 19

Starting with the new Teams update in October 2023, it now requires a Teams administrator to grant permission for users to pin apps. For more information, please refer to this link:

With the Personal Tab, you can efficiently manage tasks from different instances, all on one single page. It's simplicity and efficiency redefined!

Personal Tab Static Page

To know more, watch this video or read the rest of this blog post.

Accessing the Personal Tab

If you never used the personal tab, look for Checklist App in the left navigation menu and then PIN the App so it will always be visible in your navigation bar.

Accessing Personal Tab

Managing Tasks from Personal Tab

You can manage your task in any instance you are a member of without the need to navigate to the corresponding checklist instance

As an example, we can see that Megan, as an Event Coordinator, has multiple tasks from various checklists.

Megan Task list on Checklist by TeamsWork

Thanks to the personal tab, Megan now has the capability to manage them all in a single page.

personal tab page

In the Personal tab, you can perform all the same actions as in the ticketing instance, such as resolving, closing, adding comments, and attaching files to a task.

Managing task from personal tab

To save time, you can go directly to the task within the instance by clicking 'navigate to' without the need to find which instance has that specific task.

User navigating to the Checklist Instance

See how easy it is now to manage a task in multiple instances with a personal tab.

Hope you enjoy this post about how to elevate the user experience by managing your task from personal tab on Ticketing App.

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