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Configure Checklist as Employee Onboarding App for HR Team in Checklist App by TeamsWork

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Hi All,

While this How To could apply to any department, we will illustrate our case using an HR department who wants to onboard employees using Checklist App.

1. Create a checklist as per below picture

  • We want to prepare the onboarding of John who will be arrived at the office on 28 February 2023, so we set 28 February 2023 as our event date

  • Checklist provides default templates with predetermined tasks that can be used as your need. In our case, because we want to onboard John we select "HR Onboarding" as the template

  • We select standard calendar. Standard calendar is default calendar in Checklist App with Monday until Friday as working days with no public holidays. You can also customize your own calendar to fit your need.

2. Set due date and assignee for each task

  • Before submitting a checklist, the due date appears as relative due date. For example, at task 1, "Procure PC & Softwares", the relative due date is -5. It means that we want our employees procure PC & softwares 5 days before John, the new employee, arrive on 28 February 2023. So the employee must procure PC & softwares on 23 February 2023, assuming that it is a working day.

  • Assignee is the employees that we want to do specific tasks to prepare for John onboarding. Each task could also have a reviewer to monitor the task. Click here if you want to know more about the assignee and reviewer

3. Submit the checklist

All relative due dates have changed to actual due dates.

Now, we are ready for the employee onboarding


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