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Configure Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork as an HR Ticketing System

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Hi All,

While this How To could apply to any department, we will illustrate our case using an HR department who wish to provide a better service to the rest of the employees.

1) Add a Ticketing Instance

Add a new Ticketing Instance in a channel. Let's name our tabulation "Ticketing"

Keep in mind that later on, all employees should get access to this channel.

2) Configure your Ticketing Instance

In the setting area:

Department: add all departments in your company: IT, Sales, Marketing, Procurement, etc.

Category: add categories, for instance: Payroll, Cash Advance, Medical Benefits, Annual Leaves, Sick Leaves, etc.

Tags: create additional categories for your tickets, for instance: Support, Information, Issue, etc.

3) Add the support team members and employees in your Teams

Add HR employees that would handle ticket as a Team Owners in your channel. Teams Owners appear in the assignee list.

Add all employees that could raise a ticket as a Team Members in your channel.

4) Change Management

Proper change management activities would include:

- (Over)communication of the new procedure to all employees, in Teams obviously

- Training of the key representative employees

et Voila! Your new support organization is ready to go.

If you have any question, drop us a line in our contact form.

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