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Idle Ticket Notification in Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Hi All,

Idle tickets are tickets that have not been updated at all, for example: no comment, no edit, or no change in workflow for a certain period.

In Ticketing App, you can reassign tickets that have been idle for too long. You can either read the highlights below or watch this video for more detail explanation.

How to configure idle ticket notification in Ticketing

Go to the setting area and click on idle ticket in alert and notification tab

  • We want to assign all tickets to Christie when tickets have been idle for 3 days

  • We also want Christie to be notified so we enable the notification

Reassign an Idle Ticket automatically

After 3 days, since ticket has not been updated, ticket is automatically assigned to Christie

Notification on Idle Ticket

Christie gets a notification of the idle ticket

Hope you enjoy this post about idle ticket notification

Have a great day!



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