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How your customers can interact with your agent using email (Email to Ticket) with Ticketing App

Updated: Aug 11

Hi All,

Contrary to what one might think, the use of email to reach customer service is still on the rise.

I will introduce Today an essential feature of Microsoft Ticketing app which is the capability for your customer to interacts with your agent using email, also called email to ticket.

Email to ticket workflow can be activated in 2 different ways:

Scenario 1: A customer send an email to a support email address

Scenario 2. An Agent creates a new ticket and use customer email as requestor

Step 1: Configure your email to ticket

To know more, you can either read the highlights below or watch this video for a more detail explanation.

Go to the Setting area and open the Incoming email setting

  • Enable the incoming email feature and you can fill the email address that will be the recipient address as well as the email address name that will appear for the user

  • Acknowledgement is the email user will be greeted with when sending new enquiry by email

  • Email signature will automatically be appended to all messages from support team

Scenario 1: Raise a ticket using email

Adele, an external user to the company, needs support. So she raises a ticket using Email

Scenario 2. Raising a Ticket with Email as Requestor

Allan creates a ticket on behalf of John. But, because John is an external user, Allan creates ticket using John's email as requestor.

Acknowledgement email

Adele has received the acknowledgement email after raising a ticket using email

Notification when creating a ticket using email

Allan, The IT help desk manager, has received a notification for the new request coming from email.

Communicate with support team using email

Following email communication from Adele, the requestor, will be added as comment in Ticketing App

Hope you enjoy this post about incoming email in Ticketing App

Have a great day!


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