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Notifications in Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork Explained

Updated: Jul 12

Hi all,

Receiving notifications in Teams is one of the key benefits of using Ticketing App vs using a tool outside of Teams.

Install the Chatbot to receive notifications

Ticketing will send notifications through Teams Chatbot. The Chatbot will automatically install after user connect a first time in any Ticketing instance. If you already login to Ticketing App but you still dont see a Chatbot named "Ticketing As A Service" follow instructions from the "Reinstall Chatbot" in below section.

Ticketing notifications explained

For every change done on a ticket (status change, comment, etc.), a notification is triggered in the Chat.

Both Requestor and Assignee will receive notifications following these rules:

- if action is done by Assignee, Requestor will receive a notification, and vice versa

- if action is done by Requestor, Assignee will receive a notification

- if, as a Teams Owner, you create a ticket on behalf of someone and assign to it to someone else, both Assignee and Requestor will receive a notification. Same

- if a Teams Owner updates a ticket, both Assignee and Requestor will receive a notification.

I dont receive notification

1. You will not receive a notification if you are the one performing the action. See previous section.

2. Guest Account cannot receive notification because the Chatbot app cannot be installed on a guest Guest Account.

Reinstall Chatbot

See below video for step by step instructions

1) Uninstall the App

a. Click on the three dots above the apps.

b. Right-click on "Ticketing as a Service" app.

c. Click on "Uninstall."

2) Log out and log back into Teams.

3) Add the App

a. Click on the App

b) Search for Ticketing As A Service

c) Click on Add

Chatbot should now be installed in your Chat panel

Have a great day!


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