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Notifications in Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork Explained

Updated: Jan 8

Hi all,

Receiving instant notifications directly in Microsoft Teams is one of the key benefits of Ticketing As A Service compared to other ticketing tools.

Every Teams user understands the advantages of receiving an instant message within the productivity tool they use. Engaging in a conversation helps resolve issues more swiftly compared to the traditional email thread.

Keeping this in mind, we have implemented a similar mechanism where every interaction in Ticketing will trigger a notification in the chat area - Chatbot notification.

Email Notifications

Team members who also wish to receive email notifications can still do so. Please refer to our email notification blog post for more information.

Introduction to Chatbot notification

Watch the below video for an introduction about the Chatbot notification.

Chatbot installation

The Chatbot will automatically install after user connect a first time in any Ticketing instance. If you already login to Ticketing App but you still dont see a Chatbot named "Ticketing As A Service" follow instructions from the "Reinstall Chatbot" in below section.

Who receives notifications, and when?

For every change done on a ticket (status change, comment, etc.), a notification is triggered in the Chat.

Both Requestor and Assignee will receive notifications following these rules:

  • if action is done by Assignee, Requestor will receive a notification, and vice versa

  • if action is done by Requestor, Assignee will receive a notification

  • if, as a Teams Owner, you create a ticket on behalf of someone and assign to it to someone else, both Assignee and Requestor will receive a notification. Same

  • if a Teams Owner updates a ticket, both Assignee and Requestor will receive a notification.

The exception is that you will not receive a notification if you are the one performing the action. For example, if you create a ticket and you are both the requester and the assignee, you will not receive a notification.

I dont receive notification

1. You will not receive a notification if you are the one performing the action. See previous section.

2. Guest Account cannot receive notification because the Chatbot app cannot be installed on a guest Guest Account. For guest account, we suggest to configure the email notification.

Reinstall Chatbot

See below video for step by step instructions

1) Uninstall the App

a. Click on the three dots above the apps.

b. Right-click on "Ticketing as a Service" app.

c. Click on "Uninstall."

2) Log out and log back into Teams.

3) Add the App

a. Click on the App

b) Search for Ticketing As A Service

c) Click on Add

Chatbot should now be installed in your Chat panel

Have a great day!



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