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Attaching Photos and Videos with your Device's Camera in Ticketing App by TeamsWork

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of a new feature in our Ticketing App that allows you to capture photos and videos using your device's camera. With this feature, you can easily enhance your ticketing experience and facilitate communication with photos and videos.

To know more, watch this video or read the rest of this blog post.

Discovering the Camera Button

To access the camera, go to new ticket and then scroll down to attachment box.

Finding Camera Button in Ticketing as a Service by TeamsWork

Capturing Photos

  • Click on the camera button in the attachment box to activate your device's camera.

  • Point your camera at the subject and take a photo.

  • If needed, you have the option to retake the photo for better quality.

  • Once satisfied, you can give the photo a descriptive name for easy identification.

  • Save the ticket to record the attachment, ensuring that all relevant information is documented.

Capturing Videos

  • Tap on the camera button again to switch to video mode.

  • Start recording the video by pressing the record button.

  • If necessary, you can retake the video to ensure clarity.

  • Provide a suitable name for the video to facilitate easy referencing.

  • Save the ticket to include the recorded video as an attachment.

Hope you enjoy the post.

Try the Ticketing App to unlock the power of visual documentation!


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