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Configure User Permission in Microsoft Teams Ticketing App by TeamsWork

Updated: Feb 24

Hi All,

It might happen that you don't want someone to see or edit some fields in the ticket form. That's why you can configure the user permission by allowing only certain people who can see or edit some Fields.

To know more about user permission, you can either read the highlights below or watch this video for more detail explanation.

How to configure the user permission

Go to the setting area and click on the user permission tab. a permission defines who can see or edit the field.

User can't edit some fields

Allan, the requestor, can't edit the assignee fields because we set "requester cannot edit" for the assignee field.

Assignee private field

Christie, the assignee, can see priority and expected date fields because we set user permission as "assignee private field" for the priority and expected date fields

Hope you enjoy this post about configuring user permission.

Have a great day!

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