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Bulk-Updates feature for Ticketing As A Service

At TeamsWork, we prioritize delivering an exceptional user experience. We've recognized that updating tickets individually can be time-consuming. The burden is now lifted with our new capability to perform bulk updates on tickets. Read more about this feature in our article to discover how to use it effectively.

This blog post covers two sections:

1) Updating your selected tickets using the contextual menu (Single field).

For example, let's consider Allan, an IT help desk user utilizing Ticketing As A Service to handle support requests for the IT Department.

Allan wants to notify that he has started working on all "Open" status tickets. He can achieve this by either selecting tickets individually or by using a filter to narrow down the list of tickets and then selecting all the tickets with a single click on the table header.

Once the tickets are selected, Allan can click on the "update status" option in the contextual menu and choose 'Start Ticket'.

2) Updating you selected tickets using the Bulk Update Form (Multiple fields)

Now, let's say Allan wants to remove the tag from all the tickets he previously started and then assign a new PIC (people picker custom field).

Allan now uses the bulk update form to update both the tag and the PIC custom field simultaneously.

For the tag, since Allan wants to remove the previous value, we leave the tag field empty and check the "Replace Existing Value(s)" box. Checking this box allows you to replace the current value in the tag field instead of appending a new value to it.

See how simple it is to update multiple tickets at once using the Bulk Update feature.

We hope you find this post helpful in enhancing your efficiency and productivity with the bulk update feature.

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TeamsWork is a Microsoft Partner Network member, and their expertise lies in developing Productivity Apps that harness the power of the Microsoft Teams platform and its dynamic ecosystem. Their SaaS products, including Ticketing As A Service and Checklist As A Service, are highly acclaimed by users. Users love the user-friendly interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, and affordable pricing plans. They take pride in developing innovative software solutions that enhance company productivity while being affordable for any budget.

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