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The First Checklist App designed for Microsoft Teams.

Organize, Collaborate and Track real time progress of all To-Dos and repetitive tasks.

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Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do list

Why your organization need a
Checklist App

Having multiple business processes running in parallel can be overwhelming, your team can be missing critical deadlines which could lead to poor service to your customers.

Using Checklist App will help you to never miss any more critical deadlines.

A Checklist app whatever you company size
or your industry

By rolling out a Checklist App in your company, you empower your teams to deliver great services to all your internal & external customers and provide a real-time monitoring tool for Managers. Some of the use cases can be seen below:

Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do Payroll Processing
Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do Operation
Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do End of Month Closing
Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do Regulatory and Tax Reporting
Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do Facility Management

Key Features


Checklist App

Create Checklist with Tasks

Manage Tasks until closure

Attach Images & Files and Send Comments

Use Template for recurring Checklist

Automatic Checklist creation (Scheduler)
Automatic Alert for coming due date


Dashboard and XL / CSV Export

Picto checkmark.png

Our beautifullly crafted application deliver all necessary features to create checklist template, automatically create checklist and track tasks while leveraging Microsoft 365 ecosystem. See it for yourself in this introduction video.

We are continuously delivering new Features based on our user requirements. Use the contact form to submit your enquiry.

Curious about the rest of Checklist features, visit this page


Why choose our Checklist App

Made for Microsoft Teams

Unlike most Apps and Web Tools you will find in the market, our Productivity Apps have been designed from inception to work within Microsoft Teams and take advantage of the benefits of that platform:



Microsoft Teams Native Development

Simple & Intuitive UI

Web, Desktop & Mobile App Ready

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Microsoft Single Sign On

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance

Microsoft Azure High Availability

Ready for Analytics

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Simple & Intuitive UI

Our Productivity Apps have been designed to provide an intuitive and smooth user experience so that no prior user training or user guide is needed!

Rich Features

We include all necessary features to help you increase your productivity, such as a dashboard that provide real-time progress of checklist tasks, a detailed task information (assignee, reviewer, tags, files attachment, etc.), an automatic creation of checklist at pre-defined schedule, and instant communication and notifications within the team.

Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do list of checklists

Web, Desktop & Mobile Ready

Get same great experience on any device, anywhere. 

Microsoft Single Sign-on

No extra login and password to remember. Simply click Sign-in, and you are connected.

App users are the same as Teams members and Teams owners, so no additional users list to manage.

Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do checklist activity
Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do mobile checklist form
Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do chatbot notification

Teams Notification

Staffs and Managers are immediately and automatically notified to be reminded of a close due date, which reduce the risk of missing critical deadlines.

Data Confidentiality

As we know that our App can process sensitive information (ex: HR data), we take the Security and Confidentiality of your Data very Seriously. Only the Requestor and the Support Team can access Ticket information and File Attachments. See our FAQs to understand how we keep your Data Safe.

Microsoft Teams Teamswork checklist to-do progress data confidentiality

Lowest Fee Guaranteed


 /20 tasks raised

Our pricing plan does not come with any hidden charges. You only pay for the number of tasks created!

As part of our company's mission, we want to create budget-friendly Productivity Apps that any company, including SMEs, can afford and use without a trade-off.

Unlimited Number of Instances and Users

No need to worry about dormant users or having high number of users in your Teams. In  addition, you can create as many checklist instance as you need (HR Payroll, end of month accounting closing, etc.) without additional charges.

How do we count the number of Tasks?

Every time a user create a new task, it will be accounted for the monthly subscription period. At the end of the Month, we count how many tasks were created and you will be charged based on that, as simple as that!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my Data Stored and is it Secure?

Unlike most 3rd party tools, where you don’t know where your data is stored and if it is safe, our Productivity Apps have been designed in such a way that it guarantees maximum level of Availability, Security and Privacy by leveraging Microsoft Security and Azure PaaS.

Our company is not using Microsoft Teams, can I still use your Product?

Unfortunately no. Our product has been designed to only work within Microsoft Teams and its ecosystem.


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