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3 Ways to Upload Files and add Screenshot in Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork

Dernière mise à jour : 24 févr. 2023

Hi All,

As you may know, We, at TeamsWork, aim to craft an app that is not only useful, but also user friendly.

I would like to describe the various options to upload files and add screenshot

3 ways to upload files

Well, the first way, is quite common, you click on the Add Attachment button, select the file(s) you want to upload in the explorer

2nd option is to select the file(s) in your explorer and drag them directly in the drop area in the ticket

3rd option is to copy the file(s) from your explorer and after selecting ticketing form, do a paste action [CTRL+V]

Add a screenshot

Adding a screenshot to an application can be a pain. Take a screenshot, save it to a file, open your app, search for your screenshot, and then upload it.

Here is how we believe it should be done:

Take a screenshot, select the ticketing form, paste your image and name it. Et voila!!!

Hope you enjoy this How To

Have a great day!


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