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Getting Started for Assignees and Reviewers in Microsoft Teams Checklist App by TeamsWork

Updated: Apr 3

Welcome aboard to Checklist as a Service platform! Your organization has made a smart choice by selecting Checklist as a Service as your Task Collaboration tool.

Meet Checklist as a Service for Microsoft Teams – the ultimate solution to transform your daily procedures and to-dos into efficient checklists to Boost efficiency, enhance collaboration, and never miss a deadline. Now, I will provide you with essential information to help you seamlessly collaborate and track your task. #Checklist #Assigned #Reviewers #Notifications #Tasks #Status #MicrosoftTeams #TeamsWork

Create and Submit your first Checklist - Read the post Using a new App for the first time can be confusing. For that, we have prepared for you an article on how to create a new checklist using a Template and submit this Checklist. How Assignee and Reviewer Resolve and Close task on Checklist As A Service - Watch the video

Please watch the video to understand how to resolve and close a task. Additionally, learn about notifications and how assignees and reviewers can collaborate on a task. How do due date notifications work for assignees and reviewers - Watch the video Please watch the video to understand how due date notifications work for assignees and reviewers, ensuring no deadlines are missed on a task.

See only tasks that are relevant to you - Read the post

We are concerned about your confidentiality. While Requestor and Teams Owners can see all tasks, Assignees and Reviewers will only see tasks they have been assigned. It is also a way to let them focus on what is important.

Sort your tasks - Read the post

When creating a checklist with a lot of tasks, sometimes the tasks are not sorted the way you want. That's how task sorting works, since you can sort your tasks based on index, task name, due date and your custom sorting.

Manage and Track Task Across Multiple Instances (Personal tab) - Read the post

you can now efficiently manage tasks from different instances, all on one single page using Checklist Personal Tab.

Pop out a Checklist tab - Read the post

This is not directly related to Checklist App, but it is a nice trick so that you stop navigating back and forth between Teams App, from files, to chat, to Team / channel:

Different ways to upload files and add screenshots - Read the post

You have some different ways to upload files and add screenshot on a checklist to work more efficiently.

If you still have a question / enquiry about Ticketing App, do not hesitate to contact us.


TeamsWork is a Microsoft Partner Network member, and their expertise lies in developing Productivity Apps that harness the power of the Microsoft Teams platform and its dynamic ecosystem. Their SaaS products, including Ticketing As A Service and Checklist As A Service, are highly acclaimed by users. Users love the user-friendly interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, and affordable pricing plans. They take pride in developing innovative software solutions that enhance company productivity while being affordable for any budget.


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