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Getting Started for Assignees and Reviewers in Microsoft Teams Checklist App by TeamsWork

Updated: Feb 24

Hi All,

This article will explain how Assignees and Reviewers can get started with Checklist App.

To know more, you can either read the highlights below or watch these videos for more detail explanation.

Perform a First Login to Checklist App

Assignee and Reviewers must perform a first login to the Checklist app to install Chatbot and start receiving notification. Locate where the Checklist instance has been installed and then login.

Assignees and reviewers will be greeted with welcome message from the Checklist App chatbot

Notifications when a task is submitted

Assignees and reviewers get notifications of the tasks they are involved with. They can go directly to the tasks from the chatbot notification

Action to update task status

There are several actions that can be done:

  • Assignees can resolve task or close tasks directly only when there are no reviewers

  • Reviewers can reopen or close tasks

Notifications when there is a change in a tasks status

Users will get notifications regarding to the change of status:

  • Reviewers get notifications when assignees have resolved the tasks

  • Assignees get notifications when reviewers have reopened or closed tasks

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