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Introducing Custom Workflow 
for Ticketing As A Service

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With Custom Workflow, you can configure ticketing workflows to fit your exact business process.


Whether you're in IT, HR, marketing, legal, or any other department, Custom Workflow ensures improved efficiency, productivity and service management tailored to your requirements.

We understand that configuring workflows can seem like a complex task. That's why we also provide comprehensive resources to assist you in getting started, including a library of standard workflows ready for immediate use or as a foundation for further customization.

Wall of ideas

Easy Customization

Custom Workflow empowers you to expand and fine-tune your Ticketing Workflow by easily adding your own transitions & status and updating existing ones.

Read this blog post to learn more about how to Customize a Workflow.

Discover & Use
Standard Workflows

We offer a collection of standard workflows based on established best practices. Should these not perfectly match your process, feel free to download and tailor them to meet your specific business requirements!

The Customer Support workflow is designed to optimize the customer service process. It assists customer support teams in handling customer inquiries, issues, and support requests, enabling timely and efficient customer service.

Doesn't quite fit your process? Download and customize it to suit your business needs!

​Status in This Workflow:

  • Open

  • Acknowledged

  • In Progress

  • Pending Customer

  • Escalated

  • Resolved

  • Closed

Read this blog post to learn more about how to Configure a Workflow.

Be in Touch

If you have an inquiry, need support or want to suggest a new feature product, please send your message using the Contact us form.

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