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Microsoft Teams App Development

Seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows within Microsoft Teams

Boost Your Collaboration with a
Custom App for Microsoft Teams

TeamsWork specializes in developing bespoke applications that enhance your Microsoft Teams experience.

Collaboration and communication are key for an organization. Concise communication, integration with necessary services, and on-the-go accessibility is why organizations are increasingly choosing to rely on apps.

From enhancing communication to automating tasks, we design custom Teams apps to integrate flawlessly into your workplace, ensuring that every click adds value and every feature simplifies your workday, all without leaving Microsoft Teams.


With TeamsWork, your vision for seamless collaboration and streamlined workflows within Microsoft Teams comes to life. 

Why a Custom Teams App Development?


Tailored Efficiency Directly Within Teams

Most business processes involve pulling information from another system, having a conversation about it, and letting users take action. A Teams App lets you do all these tasks directly within the Teams client. You can even push information to a targeted audience based on an event or action in an external system.

We emphasize the creation of end-to-end custom Teams Apps
 designed to integrate seamlessly with your business operations. Our approach focuses on building bespoke applications that sync with your specific processes, eliminating workflow interruptions, redundancies, and the pitfalls of data duplication, and all of this without leaving Teams. 

User-Centric Solution

Our Teams apps are designed with your users in mind, providing an intuitive interface, reducing learning curves, and allowing your team to focus on what they do best without the distraction of cumbersome technology.

Data Control and Security

Our Teams Apps ensure that you maintain control over your data flow, with security protocols tailored to your standards. This bespoke approach means you're not just compliant with industry regulations, but also aligned with your internal security policies.


Why Choosing TeamsWork for your
Custom Teams App Development?

Official Microsoft Partner and Registered ISV

As an official Microsoft Partner and member of the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Program, TeamsWork is recognized for its excellence in developing and deploying Microsoft-based software solutions. This partnership grants us access to exclusive Microsoft resources, training, and co-marketing opportunities, ensuring that our software solutions are at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Successful Apps in Marketplaces

TeamsWork has successfully launched two Microsoft Teams apps on the Azure Marketplace and AppSource, showcasing our commitment to excellence and compliance with Microsoft's high standards for security, performance, and user experience. This accomplishment not only underlines our technical and design prowess but also our understanding of the Microsoft ecosystem, positioning us as a trusted provider of quality Teams app solutions to a global audience


Accelerated App Development

We are able to develop your Teams app in half the time it takes for regular web and mobile applications!

This remarkable speed is achieved through our finely-tuned development framework, honed over years of experience. We prioritize efficiency, with an event-driven and configuration approach, expert API management, customized web forms and workflows, and 100% secured development.

Contact us today to get started 

Development Capabilities

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Custom Form & Workflow

Set up forms, rules and workflows that align perfectly with your company's operations.

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External Integration

From Teams, start actions in you Business App and Publish your App notifications directly within Teams.


Develop a bot to perform simple and repetitive tasks, or to have complex conversation.

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Microsoft Graph API

Integrate with the rest of Microsoft 365 ecosystem (Sharepoint, OneDrive, To-do, etc.).

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Teams Notification

Keep your team instantly informed withing Teams.

Personal App & Channel Tab

Develop apps designed for both Personal App and Channel tab contexts to enhance user interaction within Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Single Sign-On

use Microsoft Signe Sign-on for quick and secure login experience.

Adatpive Cards

Cards help you organize information and give users the opportunity to interact with it

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Microsoft Markeplace

Integrate your solutions with Azure and AppSource marketplaces for wider reach and accessibility.

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Create apps that speak multiple languages, catering to a diverse and global user base.

Our new Checklist platform significantly reduces our operational risk by ensuring that we can issue reports on time, meeting our obligations with confidence.

By leveraging the automation and notification mechanism of Checklist, we estimate a time-saving of 20% on all administrative activities.

Sebastien Gautier,

Managing Partner, Mazars In Indonesia

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the intellectual property of the App developed by TeamsWork?

Apart from the technical components and frameworks provided by the TeamsWork team to build your app, the final product, including its unique features and custom developments, is your intellectual property (IP). We ensure that our clients have full ownership of the custom solutions we develop for them, reaffirming their autonomy and investment in the technology we create together.

Our company does not use Microsoft Teams; can we still engage TeamsWork for app development?

Absolutely! Our expertise extends well beyond the Microsoft ecosystem. We have a wealth of experience in developing apps across various platforms and can create a solution tailored to the specific needs of your business, regardless of the technologies you currently use. Our team is equipped to build standalone applications or to integrate with the systems you have in place.

Where is the data from our App stored?

The data generated and used by your custom app is typically hosted within your own environment, such as your Azure tenant or other cloud services you utilize. This approach ensures that you maintain control over your data and benefit from the security and compliance protocols you have in place. Our focus is on integrating seamlessly with your infrastructure, providing you with both autonomy and peace of mind when it comes to your data storage.

How To Get Started

Ready to transform your business with a custom Teams app? Reach out to us through our easy-to-use contact form below. Whether you're looking for more information, a project quote, or wish to schedule a consultation, we're just a message away.

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