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Why Choosing Ticketing As A Service as FreshDesk alternative for a Microsoft Ticketing System

Looking for a Microsoft Ticketing system that runs within Microsoft Teams? Here are some highlights why TeamsWork Ticketing offers more for less.

Designed for Microsoft Teams

Unless many other products you will find, TeamsWork Ticketing As A Service has been designed since inception to leverage Microsoft Teams and its ecosystem. The whole solution runs within Microsoft Teams. While Freshdesk provides integrations, it does not have the same level of native integration with Microsoft Teams, which result in a disjointed user experience.

Chat Interface

While FreshDesk in Teams provides a user interface confined to a chat-like format, it lacks the ability to offer a comprehensive view of tickets. In contrast, Ticketing as a Service presents a more comprehensive ticket management interface that transcends the chat-like experience. Users can effortlessly access intricate ticket details, comprehensive histories, and real-time statuses in a structured and organized layout, delivering a holistic and thorough perspective of all active tickets.

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Custom Fields

Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork offers custom Fields to customize your ticket form and capture all information your organization need. FreshDesk does not offer this capability.

Incoming emails

With Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork, you can support users that are external to your Microsoft Tenant using email. FreshDesk does not offer this capability.

Alert and notifications

Microsoft Teams Ticketing comes with a robust set of alert and notifications: idle tickets, SLA, alert on due dates, etc. FreshDesk does not offer these capabilities.

Click following link if you want to know more about Microsoft Teams Ticketing features.

Pay less and get more

One of TeamsWork vision is to provide a full-featured and user friendly Microsoft Teams Ticketing solution within an affordable budget so every organization can use it without trade-off.


Using TeamsWork ticketing will cost your as low as 0.1 US$ per ticket (0.05 US$ with volume discount) while it will cost you the same ticket 3 US$ when using FreshDesk (assuming 2 agents).

Assuming 1000 tickets a year, by using TeamsWork ticketing, it's a 2895 US$ saving per year!

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