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Email Notifications in Ticketing As A Service for Microsoft Teams

Updated: Jan 19

Our users have consistently appreciated the real-time convenience of our Teams chatbot notifications, which have long served as the primary notification mechanism within the app. However, we believe in listening to our users' feedback and evolving our platform to better cater to their requirements. That's why we are excited to introduce a significant enhancement that many have been eagerly awaiting – Email Notifications –.

With this new feature, users now have the option to receive instant email notifications, ensuring they stay informed about any updates or changes to their tickets, even when they are not actively using Microsoft Teams.

Email Notification Ticketing

We understand that different scenarios demand different approaches. Hence, we have designed distinct features to address various use cases:

A) Emails notifications for Teams members and Guests

In addition to chatbot notifications, both members and guests can now receive email notifications.

B) Email Picker for Other Emails

To systematically send email notifications to one or more email addresses, you can set up a recipient email list as a custom field.

C) Email to Ticket

Designed to support users outside of your Teams organization, it automatically creates a ticket when an incoming email is received. Agents can interact with comments, while requestors will interact using emails.

Emails notifications for Teams Members and Guests

In order to receive email notifications, Teams users need to enable the 'Send Me Email Notification'.

Activating email notification on Ticketing as a Service Instance

Important Notes:

When email notifications are enabled, Notification will be sent from the address Please whitelist this sender to ensure that you receive the notifications.

Once done, users will receive emails notifications when a ticket is created, updated, a ticket status is changed, a comment is added. Similar to chatbot notification, the initiator of an action will not receive an email notification.

Email Notification Example

Allowing Guest To Receive Email Notification

To enable email notifications for the guest account, use "New Teams." Learn how to switch from classic teams on this Microsoft page, here. Hope you enjoy this post about how to elevate the user experience by enabling email notification on Ticketing App.

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