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Owner vs Assignee vs Member - Understand roles in Ticketing As A Service

In this article, we delve into the fundamental roles within our Ticketing App: Owner, Assignee, and Member. Each role plays a crucial part in the ticketing workflow, ensuring efficient management and resolution of tickets.


Roles in Ticketing

1) Ticketing Owner

Owners have overarching control and responsibility for the Ticketing Instance. They oversee the configuration, settings, and overall management of the Ticketing instance. Owners have the authority to make significant changes, such as modifying workflow configurations, managing user permissions, and accessing all tickets within the instance. Read more about ticketing visilibility

See below section on how to manage ticketing owners

2) Assignee

Assignees are users assigned to specific tickets to handle their resolution. They are responsible for addressing the issues raised in the tickets assigned to them, ensuring timely responses, updates, and resolutions.

Assignee can access all tickets within the instance.

Assignee cannot access Setting.

Read following blog post to manage assignee list

3) Member

Access to an instance is open to anyone with access to the Teams channel.

Members can raise tickets and view only tickets they created.

Members can be invited to follow a ticket (Follower custom field).

Members cannot access Setting.

How to manage Ticketing Owners

1) Option 1: Ticketing Owners = Teams Owners

TeamsWork can seamlessly integrate with your existing Teams channel.

In the User management, by selecting 'Synchronize users from Teams channel', then you Ticketing Owners wil be equivalent to your Teams owners, eliminating the need to maintain two separate lists.

This setting requires consent from a Teams Administrator.

Synchronize user from Teams Channel

2) Option 2: Define a Specific list of Ticketing Owners.

By selecting 'Manage users manually,' we give you the liberty to define a Ticketing owners list that is different from your Teams owners list.

click on the "Add Ticketing Member" button.

Manage user manually

Search for the user and change their role to Owner.

Voila! You have successfully configured who are Ticketing owners, Assignee and regular members in your titcketing instance.

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