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3 Ways to Controls User Lists in People Picker for Ticketing and Checklists.

Updated: Mar 1

This guide allows you to controls who appears in the people picker for your Checklist or Ticketing instance, but it does not control access to the instance. Access to the instance is open to anyone with access to the Teams channel. #UserManagement #TeamCollaboration #Ticketing #Checklist #TeamsWork


If you are not familiar with the people picker, please look at the image below for the example:


We have three options for filling the user list in the people picker for the checklist and ticketing app:

1). Use users from the current Teams channel.

One of the standout features of TeamsWork is its seamless integration with your existing Teams channel.

You can select 'Synchronize users from Teams channel' in user management settings to populate the people picker with all members from the current channel in Checklist or Ticketing instances.

Synchronize user from Teams Channel

2). Use all users from your tenant organization.

Imagine the hassle you have to go through when you want the people picker to be populated with all the users of your organization, and you need to add them one by one. By selecting 'Manage users manually,' you can now easily populate the people picker of the Checklist or Ticketing instance with all the members in your organization.

Manage user manually

3). Define your own list of users.

To populate the people picker with specific members of your choice in the ticketing or checklist instance, choose 'Manage users manually' and add the desired members.

Custom user list

Voila! You have successfully configured who will appear in the users list on the Ticketing or Checklist instance.

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