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Introduction to Microsoft Teams Ticketing as a Service for Employees

Updated: Apr 3

Welcome aboard to Ticketing as a Service platform! Your organization has made a smart choice by selecting Ticketing as a Service as your ticketing solution. Now, I will provide you with essential information to help you seamlessly submit and track your tickets. In this blog post, we will cover various sections such as:

Create and Track Your Tickets Efficiently

Create Your First Ticket - Read the post 

Discover how simple it is to create a ticket and collaborate with your support team.

How Notifications Work - Read the post 

Ticketing App has been designed since inception to leverage on Microsoft Teams ecosystem. One key feature is the ability to instantly notify users in Teams when there is a change in a ticket. Discover more about how notifications work, who receives notifications, and what triggers them.

Track Tickets Across Multiple Instances (Personal tab) - Read the post

you can now efficiently manage ticket from different instances, all on one single page using Ticketing Personal Tab.

Configure display of columns in Tickets list (Read the post), and save your configuration as a View (Read the post)

Effortlessly configure, save and restore your preferred ticket list configurations so you can monitor and resolve your tickets faster.

Manage Attachments in Ticketing App

Different ways to upload files and add screenshots - Read the post 

Discover various methods to upload files and add screenshots to a ticket for improved efficiency.

Attaching Photos and Videos with your Device's Camera - Read the post 

Attaching photos directly from your device's camera to a ticket. 

Previewing attachments - Read the post

You have the capability to preview many different files format without the need to download them.

Archive obsolet attachment - Read the post 

Sometimes, attachments on a ticket can become obsolete. The Ticketing App offers the feature to archive them.

Add an hyperlink to a ticket - Read the post 

You can not only upload documents and add screenshots to a ticket but also include any URL in a ticket. This can also be used to link two tickets together.

Explore more Features & useful Tricks

Open a New Ticket Creation Form With Just 1 Click - Read the post 

You can easily share a link to the new ticket creation form with your users. For example, you can add this link to your Teams channel, SharePoint, Intranet, and more, saving your users a few clicks:


Pop out a Ticketing tabulation so it is Always Available - Read the post 

While this isn't directly related to the Ticketing App, it's a helpful tip to reduce the need for frequent navigation between different areas of the Teams App, such as files, chats, teams, and channels.

If you still have a question / enquiry about Ticketing App, do not hesitate to contact us.


TeamsWork is a Microsoft Partner Network member, and their expertise lies in developing Productivity Apps that harness the power of the Microsoft Teams platform and its dynamic ecosystem. Their SaaS products, including Ticketing As A Service and Checklist As A Service, are highly acclaimed by users. Users love the user-friendly interface, seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, and affordable pricing plans. They take pride in developing innovative software solutions that enhance company productivity while being affordable for any budget.

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