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What Ticketing Tool for Microsoft Teams in 2023 to support your Customers and Employees

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Having a reliable and efficient ticketing system has become a critical component for any company. It is more important than ever to provide employees with the tools they need to stay productive and efficient, and a ticketing system is an excellent way to achieve this goal. This article highlights and compares the top ticketing tools for Microsoft Teams for you to choose from.

A Ticketing System is not only for the Customer Service team

In the fast-paced world we live in today, businesses and organizations are continually striving to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive. As remote work and virtual collaboration become more prevalent, companies need to ensure that their employees are well-equipped with the necessary tools to remain productive and efficient.

One critical tool that customer service teams often use is a ticketing system. Ticketing systems allow teams to efficiently manage and prioritize requests, feedback, and communication from various channels. This type of system helps teams to stay organized and ensure that every inquiry is dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

Furthermore, with remote work becoming increasingly popular, it is vital to have a ticketing system that can support internal requests from employees. By implementing a ticketing system, businesses can ensure that their employees have a streamlined process to report technical issues, request support, or ask for resources. This not only saves time but also helps to minimize delays and prevent issues from escalating into more significant problems.

Teams Store to look for Teams Productivity Tools

Microsoft Teams Store is a popular option for companies seeking to enhance communication and teamwork. In this post, we will explore the qualities of a top-notch ticketing tool available in Teams Store and provide a list of the best options for 2023.

Teams Store

Choosing the right ticketing tool for Microsoft Teams can be challenging due to the numerous available options. To select the best solution that keeps everyone on track and provides them with the necessary resources, a step-by-step approach should be adopted. This article highlights and compares the top ticketing tools for Microsoft Teams, among other ways in which the ticketing system works:

  1. Ticketing As a Servicek

  2. Jira

  3. Zendesk

  4. Roby

  5. Tikit

  6. Sysaid

  7. Zoho Desk

1. Ticketing As a Service by TeamsWork

TeamsWork provides leading budget-friendly ticketing tools for Microsoft Teams. It is a Microsoft-certified partner providing a wide range of productivity apps solely for Microsoft Teams helping companies from all over the world. With TeamsWork's Ticketing As-a-Service, businesses can easily change fares, develop new products, roll out new customer channels, or enable new sorts of communication media without spending a lot of money. TeamsWork’s automation takes care of your support operations so you can spend more time delivering memorable customer service.

TeamsWork Ticketing is equally beneficial for almost all kinds of departments of an organization including:

  • HR department

  • Customer Service

  • Legal

  • Graphic Design

  • Facility Management

Key features of TeamsWork include Customizable Form, Automation, SLA, Dashboard, Incoming Emails, and many more. Users are instantly and automatically notified inside Teams using this multi-channel and real-time notification ticketing system, which increases collaboration and promotes quicker resolution.

TeamsWork provides a 30-day free trial so you can easily check its features and functionality that may suit your organization's needs. With different pricing plans, first paying plan start at 10US$/month for TeamsWork.

What we like

  • Customizable Form (users are able to add custom fields to adjust the ticket form according to their needs).

  • Automatic process of assigning tickets based on predefined rules.

  • SLA Define along with the capability of monitoring your Service Level Agreement.

  • Incoming emails Support users who are not members of your Teams Organization.

  • Instantaneous notification / Due Date Reminder.

  • Compact Dashboard for performance and tickets.

  • Allows you to create as many instances of Ticketing as you need.

  • No charges for inactive users. Only pay for your real usage.

What could be improved

  • Currently no plan for enterprise level (1000+ tickets)

  • No conversational chatbot

2. Jira

Jira is undoubtedly a more comprehensive tool, but configuring it may be challenging. Small and medium-sized enterprises normally want a ticketing system that is straightforward, simple to configure, and usable. They will find Jira to be a little more complex for their needs. With Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork, you can have an infinite number of Ticketing instances, in contrast to Jira standard and premium subscriptions, which are restricted to a single site. Jira offers a free tier for 10 users. Remember that picking a system is for many years, and needing to onboard more than 10 users will quickly be reached. The Jira app for Teams delivers the necessary information directly in the middle of work. Any team member can amend issues that have been assigned to them by using the Jira app right away during a Teams meeting.

What we like

  • It is possible to search, share, create new, or modify existing issues - change priority, status, update summary or description.

  • Jira allows you to perform quick actions: log time, watch, vote, add comments or assign the issue to yourself.

  • Track issues that you were given using your personal app.

  • Personal notifications

  • View issues in a tab within a Chat or Team channel

  • Create Jira issues from comments or the message extension.

  • Complete ticketing solution for Microsoft Teams

  • Perfect for allocating work across teams and monitoring progress and problems.

  • Able to communicate with the entire team effectively.

What could be improved

  • Configuration needs to be improved for ease of use

  • Not an ideal option for a small team

  • To use the dashboard and other functionalities, Jira agents must open an external website, leaving Microsoft Teams and its protected environment which is not a good practice for organizations.

  • Price skyrocket after 25 users

3. Zendesk

Zendesk allows client service teams to manage conversations across various platforms. Support personnel can prioritize issues, set priorities, tag issues, track conversations, and more with Zendesk. Companies can also boost team productivity and expedite ticket resolution with Zendesk for Microsoft Teams. Zendesk’s adaptability makes it simple to customize to the specific requirements of various teams and pivot as your organization expands or your needs change. Zendesk turns into a one-stop shop for all of your users' inquiries, demands, and issues. Above all, it provides you with a clear picture of each request so you may respond to each one with the appropriate level of support.

What we like

  • Reach out to your teams using many channels, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, live chat, etc., to meet them where they are.

  • Personalize auto-responders using AI-powered chatbots until a support agent is available.

  • Create a knowledge base or support center for clients who prefer a more do-it-yourself strategy.

  • Automatic control over tickets

  • AI-powered system

  • Multi-channel communication

  • Complete solution provider for Microsoft Teams

What could be improved

  • Too complicated to configure.

  • Expensive for small teams

4. Roby

Roby is a refreshingly basic replacement for complicated ticketing systems helping companies wishing to simplify internal support. Without leaving Teams, submit, address, and automate IT problems, HR inquiries, and more using Roby. Roby lets companies use Microsoft Teams as a helpdesk for internal support. Basically, this is a tool that enables any user to create a request ticket and submit any kind of issue—technical or otherwise—to the admin.

Roby is an intelligent ticketing system that is designed to assist you to achieve more. With the help of Roby, you can build processes that work for your business by automating repetitive chores and streamlining ticket management. Any message can be converted into a trackable support ticket with Roby's assistance through channels or by DM'ing directly. To make your team more effective, you may also establish due dates and priority levels using Roby. Unlike TeamsWork, Roby is only limited to a single Ticketing instance. Roby will cost you 3 US$/ticket.

What we like

  • Automatically submit a ticket via private chat or turn messages in the channels into a ticket

  • Able to send follow-up messages

  • Store your responses to specific questions.

  • Manage and update the responses.

  • Automatically notify the employees when their tickets are resolved.

  • Receive notifications about ticket updates and deadlines.

  • Integrate with your existing ticketing system.

  • Connect your clients' Microsoft Teams and manage external ticket

  • Is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into Teams

  • Different add-on capabilities

What could be improved

  • Roby is just limited to a single-ticketing instance solution.

  • Roby is not fully integrated into Teams.

  • Roby has no incoming email feature.

  • No comprehensive view of the support team.

  • Still expensive compared to TeamsWork.

5. Tikit

Tikit is a Microsoft 365 service desk created for IT teams at any point in their use of Microsoft 365 technologies. Tikit begins as a basic ticketing system for Microsoft Teams, giving IT analysts access to crucial support functions within the Teams interface.

Tikit is one of the best options for your business, whether it is a huge or a little one. Tikit lets you create trackable and usable tickets via Teams Chat which is beneficial for users who prefer to communicate directly in Teams rather than opening a ticket. Now, analysts can quickly open a ticket on their behalf right from a Teams chat. Organizations can also use it to work tickets in Teams or create tickets from emails. Additionally, you may utilize your current technology investment and obtain ticketing in Teams utilizing M365 authentication for a modest monthly fee with no user limitations. Tikit can be customized according to the company's needs and operates according to all the analysts' preferred methods. The monthly minimum for the Tikit services desk is 72 US$.

What we like

  • Ticket Creation from Teams Chat

  • Ticket Creation from Email

  • M365 Integration with Single Sign-On

  • Customizable Templates and Forms

  • AI-Powered Ticket Deflection

  • Reporting and Power BI Integration

  • Custom Statuses and Categories

  • Automated Workflows

  • Targeted Triaging with Groups

  • WYSIWYG Knowledgebase

  • User-friendly Dashboard like TeamsWork

  • Conversational integration with Teams allows users to submit tickets all in one place

What could be improved

  • Tikit is a single-channel solution, you cannot create multiple ticketing instances in the same channel.

  • Tikit has a limit of 10 agents, that are allowed to work tickets at the listed price.

  • Tikit is not fully integrated into Teams. The agent used an external website to manage tickets, hence needing to leave Teams.

  • User does not have a comprehensive view of all their ticket open.

6. SysAid

SysAid provides its users the ability to send messages and notifications from a SysAid ticket to groups and individuals in Microsoft Teams, as well as submit SysAid tickets from within Teams. This makes it simpler for teams who use Microsoft Teams for internal communication to collaborate within companies. Now with SysAid, users don't need to leave Microsoft Teams in order to communicate with IT. SysAid is a brilliant ticketing tool that enables you to view all incidents and requests assigned to you or your team in one place, create or update tickets, contact users directly from the ticket form via phone or WhatsApp, and offer the features to access your device's camera from within the ticket to attach a photo.

What we like

  • Create, view, and update a SysAid ticket from within Microsoft Teams, using the SysAid Bot

  • Receive automatic notifications from SysAid tickets to Teams chats.

  • Receive approval notifications in Teams and manage workflows directly within Teams.

  • See the availability status of Teams users from within SysAid.

  • Send a chat message to an individual user or group of users in Teams from within SysAid.

  • Initiate a conversation in Teams with a specific Team and dedicated channel from within the SysAid ticket.

  • Better employee experience.

  • Faster resolution of tickets.

  • Better visibility.

  • Quick time to value.

What could be improved

  • Not fully integrated into Teams

  • Expensive

  • Lacks easy user interaction on Teams and a friendly web user interface like TeamsWork

7. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is one of the business tools by Zoho. Zoho Desk enables enterprises to streamline agent productivity, provide enduring customer experiences, and simplify customer support operations. Companies can quickly reduce the time it takes to get everyone on the same page by adding the Zoho Desk ticket views as tabs in Microsoft Teams. In Teams, you may add various ticket views as separate tabs inside each channel. The Zoho Desk ticketing system gives you immediate ticket updates, lets you establish priority views based on preferred word modes, and gives you full details on the person who initiated the request. This application utilizes straightforward and user-friendly dashboards to attract your attention. The software, which is intended for managers, gives key ticketing service information such as Live Traffic, Ticket Traffic, and request completion rating at a glance.

What we like

  • Receive and respond to messages from multiple channels in one inbox

  • Connect to a multitude of integrations with tools your company is already using to create a seamless customer experience.

  • Create a self-service portal with tutorials and FAQs for users to search through on their own

  • Omni channel (Whatever channel of communication you can choose)

  • Live Chat (available for your customers in an instant tap)

  • Instant Messaging (Integrate your customer service with Popular Instant Messaging Channels like Facebook and other social media channels)

  • Customize anything you would like to match your platform's needs

  • Flexible enough to allow for various usage

  • Good for large-size businesses

What could be improved

  • Lacks incoming email feature

  • Expensive option compared to our list

  • User interface can be a bit confusing if you are an entry-level user

  • Lack of customization options in the lower subscription tiers

Bottom Lines

In conclusion, choosing the right ticketing tool for Microsoft Teams is an important decision for any customer service team. The ticketing solution must to be completely connected with Microsoft Teams, have a simple user interface, have lots of functions, and be adaptable to the particular requirements of the business. Businesses can select the finest ticketing solution to fit their objectives and enhance customer service by taking into account elements like integration, user friendliness, features, customization, and affordability. The correct ticketing solution will help you speed your customer service procedure and enhance your overall customer experience.


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