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Configuring Display of Tickets list in Ticketing App by TeamsWork

Hi All,

In the ticket list, you have the ability to change the sequence of columns, sort tickets using any column, and add/remove columns, so that you can create a customized view tailored to your specific needs.

Changing the sequence of columns

Simply drag and drop the columns to rearrange them in the desired order. This intuitive process allows you to customize the layout according to your preferences.

Sorting Tickets

Double-click on a column header to sort the ticket list in ascending or descending order based on the selected column.

Adding / Removing Columns

To remove a column from the ticket list, simply click on the designated Toggle button for specific column.

By rearranging the columns and prioritizing the information that matters most to you, you can optimize efficiency, streamline collaboration, and improve overall productivity.

Hope you enjoy this post!

Try out this exciting feature today and experience a tailored ticket management experience like never before.


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