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Use your Email Domain name in the Email to Ticket Scenario

Updated: Jan 23

Thanks to the email-to-ticket scenario, you have the capability to provide customer support using email.

In the email-to-ticket setting, we are currently using an email address that is part of our domain name (

Some of you have expressed a preference for customers to send inquiries to a professional-looking email address rather than a lengthy and complex one. Therefore, we have come up with the following workaround:

You are the customer support of Contoso company, and let's assume you wish your customers to send their inquiries to this email address:

Step 1) Configuring the Ticketing Incoming Email parameters

Navigate to the Incoming Email setting

Incoming Email Setting

And configure as follow.

Configure Reply To Email Address

Notice that we fill the default support email with your own clean and neat email address in the 'Reply To' field, adding a professional touch to your communications.

Step 2) Configure email forwarding

Open the mailbox settings for and configure a forwarding rule. Set the email provided by the ticketing app in the 'Forward my email to' section of your email settings.

Default Email Address from Ticketing Apps

Configure Forwarding

To learn how to configure email forwarding in Outlook, You can refer to the page provided by Microsoft here.

For Gmail, you can refer to the page provided by Google here.

Now, we have successfully configured our own email address as the support email for our ticketing app and customers can now send their inquiries and reply to following email to your simple and professional email.

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