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Why Choosing Ticketing As A Service as Jira alternative for a Microsoft Ticketing System

Looking for a Ticketing solution that runs within Microsoft Teams? Here are some highlights why TeamsWork Ticketing offers more for less.

Designed for Microsoft Teams

Unless many other products you will find, TeamsWork Ticketing As A Service has been designed since inception to leverage Microsoft Teams and its ecosystem. The whole solution runs within Microsoft Teams. On the other hand, Jira agents will have to open an external web site, hence leaving Microsoft Teams and its secured environment, to access dashboard and other features.

Friendly User Interface

While Jira is undeniably a more complete tool, it can be confusing to configure and is definitely not well adapted for Small and Medium size businesses that are looking for a Ticketing system that is simple, easy to configure and can be used immediately.

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Unlimited Ticketing Instance and Users

While Jira standard and premium subscriptions are limited to a single "site", with Microsoft Teams Ticketing by TeamsWork you have an unlimited number of Ticketing instance, so you can have a Ticketing Instance for IT Help Desk, one for HR Support, etc. In short, create as many ticketing instance as you need, and all with different agents if needed.
In addition, you can onboard as many users as you need without any additional fee since you only pay based on the number of tickets created.

Click following link if you want to know more about Microsoft Teams Ticketing features.

Pay less and get more

One of TeamsWork vision is to provide a full-featured and user friendly Microsoft Teams Ticketing solution within an affordable budget so every organization can use it without trade-off.

While Jira offer a free tier until 10 users, keep in mind that choosing a system is for many years and having to onboard more than 10 users will quickly be reached.

Assuming an organization with 50 users with 500 tickets/month, using TeamsWork Ticketing cost 35 US$/month while it will cost you 387 US$/month (source: Jira pricing).

So by using TeamsWork ticketing, it's a 4,224 US$ saving per year!

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