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Free Plan (Free Forever)


For any organization with low ticket volume but still wants to leverage a Ticketing platform.

Free tier plan includes:

• Free quota of 30 Tickets/month
• Teams Chatbot Notifications

• Desktop, Mobile & Web version

• Multi-Languages

• Single Sign On

• Azure High Availability

• Security & Compliance

Premium Plan


For SMEs that want to deploy Ticketing in few departments to support internal users.

Includes Free Plan, Plus:

• Quota of 1200 Tickets/year
• Teams Personal App

• Idle Tickets Alert

• Due Date Alert

• Dashboard

• XL/CSV Export

• Multi-Channels
• Unlimited Ticketing Instances
• Unlimited Users

Professional Plan


For companies that want to leverage Ticketing in many departments and/or provide support to external users.

Includes Premium Plan, Plus:

• Quota of 3600 Tickets/year
• Custom Fields
• Custom Workflow
• Email to Ticket

• Email Notifications

• Ticketing API

• Assign Ticket Automatically

• Service Level Agreement

• Priority Feature Development

• Priority Support

Leader Plan


Ideal for high-volume support needs, this plan ensures that larger teams and organizations can lead in efficient ticket management.

Same as Pro Plan with:

• Quota of 12000 Tickets/year

• Power BI Report

Enterprise Plan

Contact Us for a Personalized Plan.

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