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The Best Ticketing System for Small Business is on Microsoft Teams

Updated: May 3

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned small business owner of an SMB or SME, you might recognize the significance of promptly addressing customer inquiries and resolving issues effectively for your business.  It might seem like you dont need it at first, but as your company grows, customer email volumes rise, requests get lost, and managing conversations across multiple inboxes gets increasingly difficult, you need to start looking for a ticketing system. 


However, the ticketing system from big companies like Jira, Freshdesk, or Zendesk feels too grand and too expensive for your company. You need something simple and easy to use, have features that can help you handle customer requests efficiently and affordable. But what if what you actually looking for is closer than you think? An integrated ticketing system on Microsoft Teams for example? Let’s discover! 


the best ticketing system for small business on Microsoft Teams

Why Ticketing System is Important for Small Business 

Ticketing systems play a vital role in helping small businesses, whether it's an SMB or SME deliver exceptional customer support and resolving an issue within the organization.  For example, small businesses often juggle multiple communication channels, from emails and phone calls to social media messages.  A ticketing system can serve as a centralized hub, consolidating all customer inquiries and service requests into a single, manageable platform. 


By centralizing communication, fostering collaboration, and providing actionable insights, ticketing systems empower small businesses to meet the customers demands effectively.  Investing in the right ticketing system can be a game-changer for small businesses looking to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and build long-lasting relationships with their customers 


Key Features Needed in a Ticketing System for Small Business 

  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface ensures that all team members, regardless of technical expertise, can use the system effectively. 

  • Customizable Ticket Forms: The ability to customize ticket forms allows businesses to capture specific information relevant to their unique processes and requirements. 

  • Automated Ticket Assignment: Automated ticket assignment based on predefined rules or criteria helps streamline workflows and ensure prompt resolution of customer inquiries. 

  • Scalability: A scalable ticketing system can accommodate the evolving needs of growing businesses, allowing them to add users, customize workflows, and expand functionality as their support operations expand. 

  • Mobile Accessibility: Mobile accessibility ensures that team members can access and manage tickets on the go, enabling faster response times and greater flexibility in addressing customer needs. 

  • Affordability: Cost-effective pricing plans tailored for small businesses ensure that companies can access essential ticketing features without breaking the bank, making it a feasible investment for businesses of all sizes. 


Ticketing System for Small Business on Microsoft Teams 

You probably already have Microsoft Teams as part of your Microsoft 365 Business license along with others Microsoft products. Therefore, instead of using Microsoft Excel to manually manage customer support, you can now use Microsoft Teams ticketing system called

Ticketing As A Service. 


Ticketing As A Service is an intuitive & easy to use Microsoft Teams ticketing system to handle service desk incidents and helpdesk request efficiently. You can simply go here and then click "Add to Teams" but let's talk about it a bit more.

Key Features of Ticketing As A Service

1) User-friendly Interface

Ticketing As A Service boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for team members to navigate and utilize its functionalities. With intuitive design and straightforward navigation, your team can quickly adapt to the platform, minimizing the learning curve and maximizing productivity from day one.

ticketing system for small business friendly user interface

2) Customizable Ticket Form:

One size does not fit all when it comes to incident management. That's why Ticketing As A Service allows you to customize ticket forms to align with your organization's specific needs and workflows. Whether you need to add custom fields, tailor the form layout, or incorporate branding elements, the flexibility offered ensures that you can create a ticketing system tailored to your unique requirements. You can find out more about customizable ticket form here.

customizable ticket form on a ticketing system for small business

3) Automated Ticket Assignment:

Say goodbye to manual ticket assignment and hello to automated workflows. Ticketing As A Service streamlines the incident management process by automatically assigning tickets based on predefined rules and criteria. By eliminating the need for manual intervention, you can ensure that tickets are routed to the appropriate team members promptly, reducing response times and enhancing efficiency. Learn more about automated ticket assignment here.

auto-assign features on ticketing system for small business

4) Mobile Accessibility

In today's increasingly mobile workforce, access to critical tools and information on the go is essential. Ticketing As A Service recognizes this need and offers mobile accessibility, allowing team members to manage tickets, receive notifications, and stay informed, regardless of their location. Whether in the office, on the field, or working remotely, your team can stay connected and productive at all times.

mobile version of ticketing system for small business on Microsoft Teams

5) Affordable Plans

Cost-effective solutions are key for businesses of all sizes. Ticketing As A Service offers affordable plans that cater to the needs and budget constraints of organizations, large and small. With transparent pricing and flexible subscription options, you can enjoy the benefits of a robust ticketing system without breaking the bank. You can check our price by clicking "Pricing" on the menu above.


For small businesses navigating the complexities of customer inquiries and service requests, a reliable ticketing system is indispensable. While larger companies may opt for solutions like Jira, Freshdesk, or Zendesk, these options often come with hefty price tags and complex features that may not align with the needs or budget of small businesses.

However, the solution may be closer than you think. An integrated ticketing system within Microsoft Teams, such as Ticketing As A Service, offers a simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective alternative tailored specifically for small businesses.

By investing in the right ticketing system, small businesses can centralize communication, foster collaboration, and gain actionable insights, ultimately enabling them to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and build lasting relationships with their customers. So why wait? Explore Ticketing As A Service today and take your small business customer support to new heights!

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