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Free Microsoft Ticketing System

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

While today, many products are advertised as "free" to use (such as Gmail, YouTube, and Maps), it's important to recognize that nothing truly comes without a cost.

Nothing is really Free

The major tech giants, known as GAMAM or GAFAM, as well as smaller companies, will utilize your browsing information to sell ads or marketing data. For example, Google generates its revenue from advertising, with its platform being free for users, and utilizing algorithms to match ads with search results based on user data. Even seemingly free services like Gmail often come with the expectation that users will eventually upgrade to a professional version or purchase add-ons. And let's not forget the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal, where millions of Facebook users' data was leaked.

However, at TeamsWork, we take a different approach. We don't use or sell your data, because we believe in putting our users' privacy first.

Ticketing As A Service by TeamsWork Free Plan

Experience our App's full features, with unlimited tickets and instances, completely free of charge - no credit card required.

We're also excited to release a Free version of our Ticketing service. Give our Ticketing As A Service a try

If you find our Ticketing service to be a valuable addition to your workflow, our premium plan start at only $10 per month with tons of features. and see how it can help streamline your team's productivity.

For less than a 3 coffees a month, you have access to the best-in-class Ticketing App in Microsoft Teams.

Simple and Transparent pricing

We believe in simple and transparent pricing at TeamsWork. Unlike many other products, we are a true SaaS product, with no hidden costs. Our pricing scheme is straightforward:

You pay for the tickets you create.

This means you don't have to worry about paying for dormant agents or users who may only create a few tickets a year. Additionally, you can have an unlimited number of users and instances with no additional charge.

You might be thinking that paying for every ticket you create could be costly, but we've done the math for you.

We are always more affordable, and you could save up to thousands of dollars a year. So, Try our Ticketing As A Service today and see how we can help you streamline your team's workflow at an affordable price.

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