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Microsoft Teams
Field Service App

Best-in-class solution to empower your Field Service Engineers and Leverage your Microsoft 365 investment

Full access. No credit card required.

Why your organization need a
Field Service App

A Field Service App enables field service engineers to optimize scheduling and dispatching, improving productivity. It also enhances communication and collaboration, ensuring accurate information exchange among team members and customers.


Field engineers can access detailed information, log history, enabling efficient issue diagnosis and resolution. 

Engineer at Construction Site

Key Benefits of using a Field Service App

Electrical Engineer

Improves Efficiency and Productivity in Managing On-site Service Operations

 The app automates and streamlines various tasks and processes involved in on-site service operations. 

Keeps Records and keeps your Organized

It allows field service engineers to access and update job information, capture data, and communicate in real-time, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing administrative tasks.

Enhanced Scheduling and Dispatching

The app enables efficient scheduling and dispatching of field service technicians. It ensures that the right technician with the necessary expertise is assigned to each job, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

Real-time Collaboration

The app facilitates real-time communication and collaboration between field technicians, back-office staff, and customers. It allows technicians to seek guidance, share updates, and request additional resources or parts instantly, improving coordination and problem-solving capabilities on-site.

Group of Engineers

Benefits for many departments

The Field Service App is NOT ONLY for the Field Service Technician. No matter what your industry is and company size, any Team execute on-site service delivery or maintenances activities can benefit from a Field Service App. Here are few examples:

Field Service App was designed for these professionals who perform on-site installations, repairs, maintenance, and inspections.


They rely on the app to receive and manage their assigned tasks and update task status.

Workers at Gas Plant

Key Features of Field Service by TeamsWork

Customizable Form

Add custom fields to adjust the Work Order form to your Needs


Automatically assign Work Order based on rules


Define and track your Service Level Agreement


Capture and Attach Photos and Videos to Work Orders from your Mobile in Few Easy Clicks

Real-time notification

Instant notification by Teams and Emails of changes in Work Orders


Proactively alert you of coming due date


Track your Field Service team Performance


Keep information confidential between you and the Field Service Team.


Efficient Scheduling and dispatching of Field Service Technicians  with a Calendar View

Unlimited users

Onboard all Back Office Staffs and Field Service Enginners with no additional cost.

Unlimited Instances

Create as many Field Service instances as you need.

Pay for your

real usage

No need to worry about dormant users, pay only for what you really use.

Full access. No credit card required.

Features Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Native Development

Unlike most Apps and Web Tools you will find in the market, Field Service App has been designed from inception to work within Microsoft Teams and take advantage of the benefits of that platform.

Simple & Intuitive UI

TeamsWork Apps are designed to provide an intuitive and smooth user experience so that no prior user training or user guide is needed!

Web, Desktop & Mobile Ready

Get same great experience on any device, anywhere using Microsft Teams desktop, mobile and web version. 

Microsoft Single Sign-on

No extra login and password to remember. Simply click Sign-in, and you are connected.

App users are the same as Teams members and Teams owners, so no additional users list to manage.


Field Service App was developed to be aligned with Microsoft Teams and channels design. As you can add many Teams and channels, so can you do with Field Service App instance. 

Real-time Chatbot Notifications

Users are immediately and automatically notified within Teams, which improves communication and leads to faster resolution.

Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance

As we know that Field Service App can process sensitive customer information, we take the Security and Confidentiality of your Data very Seriously. See our FAQs to understand how we keep your Data Safe.

Microsoft Azure High Availability

Microsoft Azure infrastructure is delivering high availability and reliability, high efficiency, and smart scalability to provide a more secure, private, and trusted cloud for Field Service App and your data. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Count the Number of Work Orders?

Every time a user create a new work order, it will be accounted for the monthly or yearly subscription period. At the end of the period, we count how many work orders were created and you will be charged based on that, as simple as that!

Where is my Data Stored and is it Secure?

TeamsWork Servers and databases are hosted on Microsoft Azure. Unlike most competitors on the internet where you don't really know where your data is stored and if it's secure, with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, you can be sure that your data is secure with the guarantee of maximum availability, security and confidentiality.

Our company is not using Microsoft Teams, can I still use your Product?

Unfortunately no. Our product has been designed to work within Microsoft Teams and its ecosystem.

However, anyone with an email address can raise a ticket and correspond with your support team.

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